2016-2017 season begins!

Captains’ practice has begun and the official season kicks off on Monday, November 14, 2016. Meet at the athletic office at 3:30 p.m.

Here are some important updates and contacts for the coming season:

The South High Nordic team will be using the TeamSnap app (and Facebook) to share information about the season’s practices, races, trips and special events. This site will not be updated regularly as we transition to using TeamSnap.  Contact booster club co-chairs Kari (ktkleven@mac.com) or Nicky (nicky.x.taylor@gmail.com) to get connected to the app.

We are excited to welcome Kevin Johnson — KJ — as the team’s new head coach! You can contact him at kjskierrunner@gmail.com.


Schedule Jan 11-15

Monday: Practice at Wirth
Tuesday: Varsity Skate race at Wirth. JV/Novice practice at Wirth. Early dismissal at 2:16 for everyone.
Wednesday: Novice 5k skate race. No early dismissal. JV Practice at Wirth. Special session with Jenny Bender for Varsity.
Thursday: JV 5k Skate race. Early dismissal for everyone.
Friday; 9am 20k ski at Wirth.

Schedule Jan 4-8

Maplelag has been a very exciting and fruitful trip thus far! Here is the schedule for the coming week, Jan 4-8.

Monday: No Practice, everybody rest.

Theodore Wirth Park
Varsity: Skate Relay Race 3:30pm
JV/Novice: Skate Practice
(Bus leaves for everyone at 2:45. Early release at 2:30)

Theodore Wirth Park
Everyone: Skate Practice

Theodore Wirth Park
Varsity: Classic Practice
JV: Skate Relay Race
Novice: Classic Practice
(Bus leaves for everyone at 2:45. Early release at 2:30)

Theodore Wirth Park
JV/Novice: Classic Practice

Varsity: We will be traveling to Giant’s Ridge immediately after school to ski in the Mesabi-East Invitational on Saturday. The following skiers will be racing:
Varsity Classic
Anna Kleven
Laurel Neufeld
Kendra Roedl
Patric Carlsen
Sam Maret
Thomas McKinney

JV Classic
Ethan Davenport
Ethan Nelson

Varsity Freestyle
Kaitlyn Mulhern
Anna Mulhern
Isabel Strebe
Oscar Leinbach
Sam Kleven
Emilio Del Carmen

JV Freestyle
Phoebe Eisenbeis
Addie Welch
Noah Adriany
Jack Galle

Last chance for equipment and waxing

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) I will be at the cage from 7-7:30am. THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE TO GET ANYTHING FROM THE CAGE BEFORE MAPLELAG!

If you need to wax, which everyone who just got new skis does, you will have a chance Thursday, 10am-2pm at my place. 51 Melbourne Ave SE. Enter through the back door and I’ll have it set up. Everyone who has or will receive new skis this week is expected to be there to wax your skis. When we rent skis from the team, we take on the responsibility of caring for them. Waxing is a very important part of that.

You may wax elsewhere if you have that capability; many families on our team do and are often happy to have teammates over to do so. If you are doing so but still need your skis or wax, come by during that time to get them

Dec 28-Jan1

Sorry for the late notice on this week’s schedule. There are a lot of moving parts happening right now with the team.
Monday 10am-2pm: Meet at South to receive new skis and wax, get equipment fixed and bindings switched (Optional)
Monday 3-4:30pm: Meet at Wirth with Classic skis for skiing!
Tuesday 8-9:30am: Wirth Classic skiing
Wednesday 8-9:30am: Wirth Skate skiing
Thursday 8-9:30am: Wirth Skate skiing
Friday Meet at South at 9am to head to Maplelag

We are still working with Finn-Sisu to get all the additional equipment, so some of you may still not be fully equipped for tomorrow. Bring what you have and we will make do. Beginner’s will be starting with double-poling so you can wear your skate skis if that’s all you have.

Mid-Season Update, Part 1

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays from South Nordic!

I would like to update everyone on a number of things and get us all on the same page as we move into the new year, and, hopefully, as we get to start skiing.

First, I need to clear up some communication about the practice at Hyland and the list of skiers who were allowed to attend. Three Rivers Park gave us one opportunity this week to ski, but limited us to thirty people. Thus, we had to make some decisions about who to buy passes for. We saw this as a good opportunity to ski, but not necessarily the best opportunity to learn, so only selected from returning skiers. And even among the returning skiers we were not able to take everyone we wanted to. This list was NOT meant to say “Only these skiers deserve to ski,” just as this opportunity wasn’t about denying some skiers the chance to ski, but was rather a bonus that only a few were able to take advantage of.  We want to make sure everyone on the team gets a chance to ski but with so few available opportunities it can be very frustrating when many do not get to do so right away. A parent organized a beginner’s group lesson through Hyland Lake Park Preserve, which I encouraged, but could not mandate for practice.

Secondly, I’d like to address equipment. The two biggest issues right now are some skiers have paid for but not received their equipment yet; and some skiers’ boots and bindings are incompatible. I’ve been working with Finn-Sisu about getting the rest of the orders in and they have assured me it will happen by the mid next week, so everyone will be fully equipped for Maplelag. The compatibility issue is most easily solved by switching the bindings on the skis. I will be doing so during the day on Monday, so if you need any bindings switched please contact me about how to get your skis to me before then.

Now, onto the fun stuff. Maplelag has snow! They currently have 20km of trails open. Temperatures are supposed to stay low up there and there is more snow in the forecast for them before we head up. If there are any outstanding paperwork issues please clear that up with Kathy Paulsen (Kaitlyn, Anna, and Emily’s mom) before New Year’s. I cannot wait to have the whole team on skis doing what we all signed up to do!

In the next couple days I’ll be updating with more information about coaches, races, how practices will run with snow, etc, as well as next week’s practice schedule. We will have practice Mon-Thurs next week. I’ve heard that it is easier for many to make it in the morning, so as long as we can get coaching staff there (not all coaches are on winter break, too) we will have morning practices.


Coach John






Practice 12/21-12/25

Monday, 12/21, 3:30-5pm
36th St and W River Pkwy
Interval Run

Tuesday, 12/22
Hyland Lake Park Preserve
6-8am Skate Ski for the following skiers:
Rami Azzazi
Kai Alton
Anthony Beerswing
Noah Adriany
Patric Carlsen
Duncan Cross
Bonna Dabala
Ethan Davenport
Phoebe Eisenbeis
Walker Ferguson
Jack Galle
Anna Kleven
Sam Kleven
Oscar Leinbach
Livia Lund
Finn Makila
Thomas Mckinney
Mary Miranda
Anna Mulhern
Kaitlyn Mulhern
Emily Mulhern
George Muller
Ethan Nelson
Laurel Neufeld
Kendra Roedl
Isabelle Strebe
Addie Welch
Izzy Willette
(These skiers were selected based upon attendance, dedication and skill level. Any issue with this list can be addressed to me. I will be collecting skis tomorrow for those still missing equipment on this list.)

All Others:
Minnehaha Falls
Distance Run

Wednesday, 12/23, 3:30-5pm

Thursday 12/24, Friday 12/25
Anywhere With Family
Eat Food, Open Presents, Have Fun

Happy Holidays!

Coach John

Practice Schedule

Here is the schedule for the week! We will be breaking up into Varsity, JV, Novice for workouts this week. More info on that to follow at practice.
Monday-Sibley-Circuits, Stretching, Strength
Tuesday-Greenway-Run/Rollerski, Stretching, Strength
Wednesday-Sibley-Intervals, Stretching
Thursday-Wirth-5k Time Trial
Friday-South-Winter Olympics, Stretching, Strength
Coach John

ABR Trip Resurrected!

I’ve got great news: ABR has received snow and the hotel rooms are still available, so the ABR Trip is back on! I know this is unexpected, but as I’ve said before we need to be flexible with the schedule because of weather. All ABR skiers please contact me ASAP if you are able to go and turn in your permission forms and money if you haven’t.

We meet at South at 5am Saturday morning!